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BMW electrical water pump issues are a common problem faced by many BMW owners for the 2006-2011 3 series and 2006-2011 5 series (6 cylinder) models. A frequent cause of this issue is leakage of coolant onto the electrical components causing a short. In this article, I'll help explain some related supporting items and clues to look for in hopes of saving you time and expense. We'll cover the symptoms of BMW electrical water pump problems, what fault codes to look for, and the importance of prevention before and during the repair process.


Some symptoms to look for when you electrical water pump may need attention are: Your car begins to overheat when driving slow or just coming to a stop at a stop light; but when you accelerate, the engine temperature begins to drop. You may also apply hand pressure to the coolant line to feel for pressure coming from the pump and notice a surge once you release that pressure.


Fault Codes you or your BMW mechanic may notice related to BMW Water pump problems include: “Pump impeller speed deviation”, “Pump shaft stiffness or obstruction by foreign object”, “Incorrect water / coolant mixture”, and “Air the cooling system”.


Prevention is key to saving you money. Check often, for any type of coolant leaks as this is the main cause of the electrical water pump shorting out. Replacing the thermostat at same time your water pump is serviced is also a wise decision since your mechanic is already right there when fixing the water pump issue. Remember, the aluminum bolts to the electrical water pump need to be replaced also as they are not reusable.


In closing, recognizing the symptoms of common BMW electrical water pump problems can head off costly repairs. Knowing what fault codes to look for can narrow the scope of the issue to facilitate resolving it more quickly. Lastly, being mindful of prevention both before and during the repair process can reduce the need for future service. Why visit the repair shop more than you have to? Just a quick check here and there once in awhile can be the single inexpensive action that can save you much time and expense.


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