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Here at Scott's Motor Werks, we often see common repair and service issues for certain makes and models. Each make and model seem to have specific idiosyncrasies. For this article, I'd like to address the BMW 325i (E46) models for years between 1999 and 2006. The common denominator issues that we perpetually see are oil leaks from the lower engine area, rear window regulator issues, coolant loss due to leaks caused from tank expansion, fan resistor for the final stage blower, and front control arm bushing failure.


Oil leakage for the BMW 325i most often occurs from the gasket where the filter assembly attaches to the engine. Symptoms can include burning oil smell with thick white smoke coming from tail pipe. Oil leaking from the gasket, dripping on exhaust can cause smoke to come up through the hood.


Rear window regulator issues appear when your rear window went down but no longer goes up. The rear window regulator broke in the down position. You may hear the motor trying to move the window when you press the button, but nothing happens. Trouble shooting other potential suspects such as fuses etc. usually lead us back to the window regulator.


Coolant leakage from tank expansion is another BMW 325i topic that we see. The coolant light indicator on the dash will be illuminated maybe a day or so after any coolant refill. The vehicle may seem to run hot via the temperature gauge. The coolant tank make have a hair line crack or coolant reservoir may have a hairline separation. Finding and correcting leakage prevents coolant from shorting out electrical components with close proximity.


Does your 325i fan blower motor keep running and running after you turn car off? Does the fan stay on and drain the battery? Perhaps you can not control fan speed of you heater/ac. More often than not, the resistor for the fan blower has failed.


Front control arm bushing failure symptoms include the feeling shuddering in steering when braking at high speed, the bushings were visibly cracked and deteriorated, you may see the wheel continue forward after the car has stopped accompanied by thumping, and bumping sounds coming from the front if driving on rougher roads.


At Scott'sMotorWerks, we have the experience to quickly diagnose suspect issues quickly and thus minimize any 'trial and error' diagnosis that raise hourly flat rate charges and unnecessary replacement parts. We understand both your time and vehicle are important. While some BMW Repair Service shops/mechanics look for reasons to up-sell, we look for opportunities to exceed your expectations and build customer loyalty.



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